New invaluable Patient Records tool for Home Healthcare providers and NGOs

Following on from the recent release of Version 10 of Project E-vita (, the pay as you go hosted electronic patient records system, Evaware Ltd of the Isle of Man has released a new app on Beta giving customers the capability to capture patient data even when off-line.

Targeting in particular Home Healthcare Providers and NGOs who often face the task of capturing clinical / consultation data while mobile and in places without links to the internet, PE Remote from Evaware Ltd ( bridges the gap. PE Remote enables Project E-vita healthcare professionals to gather patient demographic and clinical data while out of range of data access, for instance in a patient’s own home, or in the case of NGO’s out in remote areas, miles from internet access. Once the operator is then in range of an internet service the system automatically synchronises all data with their master patient records hosted on Project E-vita’s service.

Initially available on Android, PE Remote will also be available on iOS devices as well as Windows phone and Windows 8.x, not to mention the upcoming release of Windows 10.

Forming a key element of Evaware’s strategy of delivering “Patient records anywhere”, PE Remote gives Project E-vita clients unmatched access to patient data review and capture functionality no matter how demanding the communications infrastructure and helping our clients deliver on contractual and clinical outputs.

Project E-vita continues with its “one fee for all features” tariff and this new software is free of charge to subscribers to the pay as you go Project E-vita platform. Project E-vita is the only hosted patient record system to charge per patient giving low cost access to advanced electronic patient record services.


Targeting Home Healthcare & Telehealth markets with new release of Project E-vita

Evaware has this week launched version 10 of their Project E-vita hosted Electronic Patient Record solution. Version 10 continues the strategy of bringing the capture of clinical information as close to the point of delivery of care by making Project E-vita available for Smartphones, Tablets as well as Desktop devices. Home Healthcare provision requires capture of clinical coding, imagery and medical narrative instantaneously, to allow review by monitoring clinicians. Enabling patient encounter recording on all devices Project E-vita brings the clinician into the patient’s own home. With government and private sector budgets under increasing pressure, Home Healthcare is increasingly being seen as a solution to avoiding costly hospitalisation for treatment while at the same time giving improved patient recovery times. Project E-vita is key to the management of quality in delivery of healthcare in patients’ own homes. See here for more information about the application of our software in the delivery of care in patients’ own homes.

Version 10 is not only about Home Healthcare and the acute sector. 2015 will see Evaware joining forces with medical device manufacturers and integrating monitoring equipment with the Project E-vita health record service. Evaware will offer a wide assortment of equipment for patients to use in their own homes for remote monitoring by physicians of their wellbeing as part of the management of chronic / long term conditions. Telehealth reduces hospitalisation costs and unnecessary patient inconvenience. Previously Telehealth required the inclusion of expensive in-home “hubs” to connect monitoring equipment to their patient record but the advancement of Smartphone and similar device technology has removed this need.

Evaware is now embarking on international joint ventures and expanding the global reach of their pay as you go Electronic Patient Health Record solution. Negotiations are under way to bring this essential tool for delivery and management of Home Healthcare to the Middle East, Australia and the Far East. Companies interested in working in this rapidly expanding sector of healthcare are actively being sought for cooperation.

Project E-vita – One platform, all devices.