cloud based patient software

Cloud or In Premise


Project E-vita comes in two formats in order to best suit any organisation or group of users no matter what size or infrastructure:

Project E-vita TM comes in two formats:

Project E-vita (Cloud)

Utilise all the functionality of Project E-vita without having your own networks and servers

Project E-vita Cloud is an online subscription service based on Microsoft’s award winning Azure platform that allows your staff, equipped with a web browser, to access the online version of the software. Project E-vita Cloud offers the same degree of security and privacy as if the product was accommodated on your own in-house intranet infrastructure. (See Project E-vita Classic if that is your preference). Project E-vita Cloud even has a special tariff for Home Healthcare and Telehealth users, based simply on a per patient Episode of Care fee, to further reduce the cost of deploying such specialist services.

Our Cloud subscription service allows you to outsource the entire operation without having to compromise on safety, confidentiality or security. Significant cost savings can be achieved on capital outlay and solution support.

Why choose Project E-vita Cloud:

  • No initial capital investment
  • No equipment obsolescence
  • High speed deployment of the solution
  • Reduced training requirement for IT staff
  • Fixed long-term costs, simplifying budgeting
  • Guaranteed performance and stability
  • Immediate access to unrivalled technical support
  • Robust Azure based Cloud infrastructure with all data hosted in the EU
  • Geo-locational replication to secondary data centre

Project E-vita (Classic)

Project E-vita (Classic) is for the organisation with it’s own IT infrastructure and existing secure network boundaries. It provides a highly scalable multi tier business solution. Your supporting infrastructure may be only a single server or you may decide due to workload to split the service across multiple Database, Web and State servers. Project E-vita can adapt to any configuration.

For many reasons organisations may wish to have the provision of a Project E-vita service held within their own existing IT network boundaries. The Project E-vita (Classic) product package is designed to meet the needs of such a organisations.

Project E-vita (Classic) can also be delivered as part of a bespoke solution. Being entirely developed in the most modern of today’s RAD (Rapid Application Development) environments means your unique business needs can be quickly catered for. Our consulting team can review your needs and working closely with our programmers deliver a product that is tailored to your organisation.

System Requirements for E-vita (Classic):

  • Microsoft Windows Serverli>
  • Microsoft SQL Server (Any edition)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • SSL Certificate for SSL 128bit browsing (Optional)