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About Project E-vita

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Project E-vitaTM is a ground breaking product with over 10 years experience in the market of Healthcare management systems and Electronic Patient Records. A feature rich environment designed to meet the requirements of clinicians, administrators and managers alike. The system architecture is shaped to simplify the recording of all patient encounter data irrespective of the care delivery environment. Deployable in Primary Care, Community Care, Outpatient/Inpatient Secondary (Hospital/Acute) Care and even gathering data while delivering care in a Patient’s own home. In addition, the Project E-vita system can support integration of remote Telehealth monitoring of patients.

The system leverages the international leading clinical terminology dictionary present in SNOMED-CT to provide users with the most extensive clinical and administrative vocabulary available for healthcare today.

When you combine Project E-vita’s exclusive features, the experience of a team who have been delivering international electronic health records for many years and the SNOMED-CT vocabulary, you have a product that can help transform your organisation and assist in innovative delivery of healthcare services.